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You’ll get to work on cutting-edge technologies like eBPF, edge computing while going deep into Kubernetes and Open telemetry. You’ll also have the chance to work on data streaming in at massive scale (TBs/hour)





What You’ll Do

ZeroK is building the next-generation Observability platform for Kubernetes powered by AI. Our goal is to build a troubleshooting/ debugging experience for developers that eliminates 99% of the data-clutter, can be done in seconds, and feels like magic.

  • We’re an experienced team of 2nd time entrepreneurs in SaaS (previous company acquired), and are well-funded by a global tier-1 VC and rockstar global CTOs. We intend to be the most technically innovative company to be built out of India in this decade, and are going after a large, established global market with disruptive technology.

  • In this journey, you will be part of the founding engineering team, work directly with the founders and will be instrumental in shaping the product - both as a developer and as a user. You will really be building this product for yourself.

Skills and Experience

  • 4-6 years of overall tech. experience with at least 4 years of strong experience in any one of these languages - Java, Python, GoLang.

  • Exposure to Kubernetes workloads - deployments, daemon sets and stateful sets

  • Should have very good understanding of data structures and algorithms, and system design

  • Good understanding of AWS or GCP services and should have used them in day to day activities

  • Knowledge of internals of Linux and eBPF

  • Internal working of any of these languages - Java, Python, GoLang

  • Knowledge of security and data protection would be an added advantage

  • Knowledge of operators on Kubernetes

  • Worked on queues like Kafka, RabbitMQ and caches like Redis, Memcache

Job Responsibilities

  • Development of ZeroK’s on-edge data collector built over eBPF and OpenTelemetery.

  • Design, develop and own components of a highly scalable, distributed and cloud-hybrid platform

  • Evolving the architecture for performance, scalability and remote customer deployment

  • Mentoring junior members of the engineering team

What do you get?

  • You’ll get to work on cutting-edge technologies like eBPF, edge computing and OpenTelemetery.

  • Chance to work on data streaming in at massive scale (TBs/hour)

  • Chance to work on AI/ML for building ZeroK’s on-edge Anomaly detection engine

  • The product is in its infancy and you will be a part of the team which is defining the product.

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